Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time from print request to mailing?
It depends on the job size and amount of personalization. We average about 5 days from the time we receive files until we send completed projects to the post office.

Can I print a job now to be mailed later?
Absolutely! Set the “Date to Mail” on the order form for any time up to 6 months from now. We’ll go ahead and print your project and mail it when the time comes. You’ll get email confirmation when the project mails.

Variable data is new to me. What if I don’t set it up correctly?
There are real people working behind the scenes at Buccaneer Direct. If something isn’t working right, we will get in touch and work through the problem with you.

Will I get a digital proof?
If you want one, yes! For projects without extensive variable data, it’s usually not necessary.

What information needs to be in my mail file?
At minimum, we need the following for addressing purposes:
• Name (First & Last or Business)
• Street Address
• City
• State
• 5-digit Zip Code

How much does it cost?
For postcards and mailers, pricing starts at $0.55 per piece. This price includes printing AND postage! Need a quote? Send us a message!