Be a marketing master: run multiple campaigns 

Implementing direct mail marketing campaigns is easy with Buccaneer Direct. Once you’ve begun collecting customer data, you can easily turn that into a multifaceted marketing strategy.

Rather than sending out a generic offer to your entire client list, or isolating a small group to target based on a single marketing plan, you can customize offers based on client history.

The best part, you can do it all at once through Buccaneer Direct.

Using data from your expanded mail file, we can create, print, and mail marketing material using standards you set.

What this looks like depends on your business and your overall marketing goals. Below are some industry examples:

Salons & Spas 
• Send inactive clients (last transaction  greater than 6 months ago) a promotional code for booking an appointment within the next 30 days.
• Send clients who have purchased salon products in the last 90 days a coupon for a specific product brand.
• Send appointment reminders to clients with appointments booked in the next 14-days 

 Home Repair Services
• Send clients with jobs completed in the last 30 days a “Thank You” with a QR code to leave a testimonial on your website.
• Send clients who have requested a quote a reminder to book services soon before their offer expires.
• Send client offers to related goods/services based on completed jobs in the past 3 years.
• Send clients reminders about recurring maintenance dates with a QR code to schedule service.

Gyms & Fitness Studios
• Send specific tier members a schedule of upcoming special events with priority registration
• Send expired or cancelled membership holders a “Come Back!” promo code.
• Send information about new products and merchandise to active members. 



Direct Mail
Variable Data

Making it Happen

There are a couple ways to go about setting up a multi-pronged marketing approach. Let’s use postcard mailers for this example. They are typically bright and colorful, and don’t require any enveloping opening to get your offer in front of a customer or potential customer.

Option 1: Custom Everything
Once you lay out your marketing strategy, create separate artwork for each marketing and sales goal. Based on your expanded mail file, we print a postcard with the artwork indicated for that customer.

Option 2: A Master Template with Flexible Content
Once you lay out your marketing strategy, create a master template that has images/text that will appear on all content. Block out areas for flexible content. Images and text that need to change based on the specific marketing prong for each client are add just before print based on your expanded mail file.

Both of these options work. Option 1 is more typically a more graphic design heavy choice. Option 2 creates a consistent look that can be used over and over again.

A Buccaneer Direct team member can help you determine which option may be best for you business and marketing strategy.



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